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Inside the Myopia Epidemic

A Documentary Project


Filming in North America, the Asia-Pacific, Europe and Eastern Europe, award-winning filmmaker, Jane Weiner has been creating a documentary project that pulls back the curtain on the worldwide Myopia Epidemic.

In a comprehensive socio-scientific investigation, she explores what may be causing this burgeoning public health crisis while examining innovative solutions, which can stem the tide of a ballooning epidemic that threatens compromised vision or total blindness for billions of people, young and old.

Embedded for a number of years with top Vision Scientists* many of whom are clinicians on the frontline in eye care practice, Jane interweaves their observations and breakthrough discoveries with testimonials of individuals (herself included) coping with diminished vision caused by progressive myopia providing firsthand witness to real-life challenges on both sides of the conundrum.

* Vision Science is the study of the sensory processes that underlie vision, and the development and use of vision-related technologies. A broad discipline involving anatomy and physiology, physics and optics, cognitive neuroscience and psychology, and biochemistry and genetics.




This video sample is compiled from footage gathered during conversations with key scientists working in the field of myopia research.

Created as part of our fundraising campaign, this is a work-in-progress, not a final film. 


Current 30-minute Work-In-Progress includes:

MYOPIA MANAGEMENT – Controlling progressive eye elongation in children


We explore just how Vision Scientists, the optical industry and eye care practitioners are putting their research, resources and knowledge together to develop a variety of therapies that have been proven to slow eye growth in children, adolescents, and young adults.



Embedded with key Vision Scientists for several years, the filmmaker offers front-row seating to on-going research using ingenious and elegant experiments to asertain what it is about our environment that’s causing millions of children to become myopic.


Around the world, nearsighted adults are going blind as the direct result of their eyes growing too fast, becoming too elongated as children. People with premature cataracts, glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration and retinal detachment recount revealing and poignant stories of life challenges brought on by sudden and unexpected loss of sight.

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